Crash and Compile

What happens when you take an ACM style programming contest, smash it head long into a drinking game, throw in a mix of our most distracting helpers, then shove the resulting chaos incarnate onto a stage? You get the contest known as Crash and Compile.

Crash and Compile is a contest that takes place at DEF CON. Teams are competing to win the grand prize, the Crash and Compile Trophy, a hand welded and finished giant metal die of programming languages.

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Do you think you can code? Do you think you can code while drinking? We are looking for nine teams who think they have the smarts, the concentration, and the liver to hold up to our gauntlet of programming. Teams who can not only code, but do so with style. We set you against the clock and the other teams. And because they think watching people simply code is boring, our "Team Distraction" is has taken it upon themselves to be creative in hindering you from programming, much to the enjoyment of the audience.

Qualifications take place during DEF CON, Starting Friday August 12th, from 10am to 6pm, both in the contest area and online. Teams of one or two people. Be ready to code, as this won't be easy. The top nine teams who showed themselves ostentatious enough to take on our challenge will compete on the Contest Stage Saturday.


In order to qualify for Crash and Compile, your team must first compete in the qualification round. You will be scored by time, and the difficultly level of the problems you have completed.

As qualifications happen online, you are allowed to work on the qualification round anywhere you have access to a laptop with Internet access.

Each year Crash and Compile sees many teams who seek to test their wits, and try at a chance of making it toward the main competition. We encourage anyone who wishes to try their hand at our programming challenges. While we can only accept nine teams to move on to the Saturday night contest, we always strive to have as many teams as possible try our qualification round.

If you want to be one of those teams, register for Crash and Compile starting Friday morning.

Main Contest

If you are one of the nine teams who move on from Qualifications to the Main Contest, be ready to compete in our on stage event, which takes place Saturday at 5pm.